Die Katzencafés aus Japan

Cat cafes: For some time there in Japan called cat cafes. These are Locationen where one though normal coffee and cake gets, but it is in the company of cats. The first cat cafe opened in 1998 in Taipei, Taiwan.

The idea for the cat cafes, and eventually the boom that came because in Asia, especially in the Japanese cities of living space is very limited and therefore have most Japanese can not accommodate a pet. From this given unit in the Japanese home culture, the idea is the animals originated easy to integrate into the cafes.

The size of the cafes here determines how many cats are in it. but accessible are about 8-10 per Cat Café. Guests can choose before their visit to the cafe from a „menu“ with these cat they want to surround themselves. In such a card then are the names and characteristics of each cat. Especially older people delight in the Geselschaft and playing with the cats. For all there is a special entertainment for coffee and cake.


Cat cafes in Germany

In Germany, the trend of cat cafes has arrived. The first cat café in Germany erföffnete in Munich in 2013. Later, in Cologne (2014), Aachen (2015), Berlin (2013) and Hannover (2015). Unlike in Japan, it is to bring in Germany more difficult cat to the cafe. Because the focus is not the fun of the guests, but the protection of animals and observe the hygiene regulations. So must a cat café in Germany a space to offer in the can retreat and rest the cats and can not be entered by visitors.

In the cat cafes that exist in Germany you have to pay a separate admission. Just for coffee and cake fall naturally to the normal cost. Man, the cat stroking course and with them playing. In cat cafes are found usually very affectionate and tame cats. If the animals sometimes have no desire to be stroked, they pull in the retreat back but of course you must also obey rules. So one may the cats do not pull on the tail, and they are not feeding. Also bring photographing and annoy the cats and own pets is of course prohibited. However, if you follow all these rules and a cat lover is, you should have a lot of fun in a Cat Café.


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