Kaffee aus Kuba

Coffee from Cuba with the pampering aroma, taste so valuable as the enjoyment of a genuine Cuban cigar. Cuba coffees offer a unique taste experience and an ode to the palate.

Table of Contents

  1. General Data and facts about Cuba
  2. How coffee came to Cuba?
  3. Taste of Cuba coffees

General Data and facts about Cuba

Coffee from CubaCuba is an island country in the Caribbean with the typical tropical climate and there is currently home to about 11.1 million people. The entire island group includes even 4,000 different islands. Capital of Cuba is Havana, which many combine the unique charm of the Caribbean temperament and unique local life style.

Because the climate is Cuba a very fertile country, which can be found here ideal conditions to grow mainly sugar, tobacco and coffee. It is therefore not surprising why here come from the finest cigars and most excellent coffee beans.

How coffee came to Cuba?

French coffee planters brought the delicious concoction once to the island and built the coffee beans in the mountain landscapes. That’s nearly 250 years ago. So since the beginning of colonization tobacco, sugar and coffee play an essential role in Cuba’s export economy.

The ideal conditions, with extremely fertile soil, are mainly located in the lower elevations of the country where the coffee beans are mature slowly and carefully checked by hand labor, harvested and processed.

So there are also today on the steep slopes of the mountains and hills of the eastern Cuban provinces of Guantanamo and Santiago de Cuba faces huge coffee plantations. In the 2011-2012 season 7,100 tons of coffee beans were harvested in Cuba.

From December to May the ripe coffee beans from September to February then the main harvest season. Thereafter, the export starts. The main customers are primarily Japan, France, Spain and the Netherlands.

Taste of Cuba coffees

The taste of Cuba Coffee is slightly smoky, paired with a natural, sweet flavor. Therefore, the full-bodied coffee conveyed while drinking the vibrant lifestyle of the Cuban mentality, leaving the palate Rumba, a traditional Cuban dance couple dancing.

Especially popular among coffee connoisseurs and baristas is the Turquino from Cuba. This type of coffee impresses with its wholesome qualities, because it is very low in acidity, yet spicy flavor, but at the same time not too strong and vigorous. He is therefore also suitable for sensitive stomachs.

Quite naturally, it has in Cuba every visitor a Tassee coffee. The charm and the flair of the country with its friendly people invites you to linger and to discover.

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